Exceed enrollment goals and streamline the entire admissions process.

Educare Enrollment Software is designed to meet the needs of PK-12 public, private, Catholic, charter and international schools. Our products are created to improve productivity, increase efficiency, maximize communication and inspire student success. We offer experience, reliability, great technical support and features not found in other systems.

Exceptional, responsive and highly-optimized websites.

Online, your website is the face of the company. However, the site itself is just the tip of the digital-marketing iceberg. Gain access to first-class web design and a wide array of digital services. From search engine optimization to mobile app development and more, our team provides you with the latest solutions.

Social Media Management

We build social media campaigns that will expand your social media presence and invite new parents and students. Social media platforms like Meta, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube are some of the most efficient digital marketing methods used to combine content and increase your visibility in your community. We also use social media ads to connect with people based on location, age, behavior and interests who have the potential to attend your school.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing helps break the ice and makes a great first impression. Spread the word about your school without sounding salesy and still managing to showcase your expertise. A strategic content marketing plan will give you your desired results through proper research and application of a SEO technique called Silos.

What Makes Us Stand Out?


Innovation matters for one simple reason: value. In order for your business to thrive, it is crucial to continually improve and innovate. Successful business innovation means finding new revenue opportunities, optimizing existing channels and generating higher profits to give companies an advantage over their competitors.

Consumer Knowledge

Our team is constantly testing new ideas and striving to provide data-driven marketing solutions before recommending them so you get the results you need. Getting useful information about your target families and students begins with defining the problem and finding the best solution. Our strategies are steered by what works to help you have a significant change.

Result Driven

Do you know who your customers are? Consumer knowledge takes into account all you need to know about your customers while getting to know them as more than just a number. As you learn how to successfully sell to your customers, you also get to know their buying patterns and needs.

Multilingual & Translatable

A translated business website will introduce your company to new customers from the global market.