Admissions and Enrollment Management Software

Educare Enrollment Software is designed to meet the needs of PK-12 public, private, Catholic, charter and international schools. Our products are created to improve productivity, increase efficiency, maximize communication and inspire student success.

Some of our Features


  • Customizable E-App
  • Multi-Lingual Forms
  • Unique Application ID 
  • Open, Read, Delivery Workflows
  • Re-Enrollment Automation
  • SMS Confirmations


  • Electronic Registration Forms
  • Waitlisted Management 
  • Applications Console 
  • Document Upload
  • Parent Communications
  • Programmable Workflow

Lottery System

  • Weighted Lottery
  • Multiple Lotteries 
  • Results in PDF 
  • Communication to Parents 
  • Parent Portal
  • Customizable Docs

School/Parent Portal

  • Application Status 
  • Document Upload
  • Fill-Out School E-Forms
  • Enrollment Forms
  • School Documents
  • Electronic Registration Forms

Student Information Management System

  • Student File 
  • Student Record 
  • Parents Information 
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Integrated Workflow

Management Reports

  • Automatic Students’ Promotion 
  • Re-Enroll Prosses
  • Electronic Reconfirmation
  • Management Reports
  • Enrollment Forecast System
  • Enrollment Control Panel 
  • Seat Planning

Educare Software

Advantages and Products

Educare Software provides technology solutions for PK-12 public, private, Catholic, charter, and international schools.

Our student management software offers many advantages, including interoperability, school-to-home communication, mobile access, and real-time reporting.

Educare Software with Microsoft Azure

Global Datacenters

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We connect schools, families and communities

Your school is a hub for your entire community. Educare’s integrated school management system not only connects everyone within your school, it connects your school to your students, families and everyone in your community.





Web Based Solutions

Educare software is used over the internet with a web browser. You don’t have to install anything, download any software or worry about upgrades. If you use an online bank or web-based email program like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo Mail, you’re already using web-based software.

Mobile friendly access

A mobile-friendly website is one that is designed to work the exact same way across devices. This means that nothing changes or is unusable on a computer or mobile device. Features like navigation drop-downs are limited, as they can be difficult to use on mobile.

Multiple School Support

With the Educare system you can run as many schools as you wish under one administrative login. While every school is independent and no data flows from one school to the other, the system offers an administrative login that allows the user to look