Ridgeview Charter School

Parents in Gaston County embrace School-choice

In 2019, Ridgeview Charter School opened its doors as a charter school in the city of Gastonia, North Carolina, intending to create an environment where students can enjoy the learning process, discover new interests and opportunities, and unlock hidden talents. The school opened with its first 130 students enrolled in grades K-4.

Like many new charter schools during their first year of operation, RCS quickly experienced the high startup costs associated with building new infrastructure, acquiring furnishings, books, technology, and much more. For RCS, enrollment needed to grow as fast as possible in the upcoming years as operational costs would have consumed their reserves. Under the board’s direction, Principal Reshal Williams and Vice-Principal Sanders sought assistance to increase their enrollment to succeed. 

Educare Solutions and RCS worked together to identify the best enrollment strategy for their community and identified some unique value propositions that would best fulfill the needs of Gastonia’s families and children. Among them was an International Curriculum to attend to the future of their students, free bus transportation to help working families attend school daily, a one-to-one student technology ratio to bring students and families to the 21st century, a full gymnasium to include sports and team spirit to the school’s overall image, and more. Having identified these UVPs, Educare Solutions and RCS executed an awareness and interest campaign through multiple digital and traditional distribution channels to create massive awareness and enrollment for RCS.

The community of Gastonia embraced RCS as a school of choice. They liked what they saw and showed their interest and desire for more and better education, committing to attend the school in its following school year. Student enrollment grew 100%, along with a waiting list to match. 

Since its first year, RCS now offers grades K-7. With the continued support of the Educare Solutions team, RCS has seen a visible increase in enrollment, with 2022-2023 looking like a promising year full of growth and new opportunities. As a result of all these efforts made by the school and Educare Solutions, both teams have met the needs and challenges of the community, putting students first and ensuring RCS has the tools necessary for its continued success. 

Educare Solutions is an enrollment company that promotes charter schools to their communities to increase enrollment, awareness, interest, and desire for the school’s value propositions to its target audience. The Educare team uses various traditional and digital platforms and promotions to ensure reduced churn, effective parent communication, and maximum enrollment. 

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