As it applies to schools, Educare Retain is similar to the ”Educating the Whole Child” doctrine in that it is a multi-tiered system of support that helps schools reach their full potential. It compliments and adds a quality of service seal to the enrollment goals of Educare Engage and Educare Enroll by fostering strong, healthy, long lasting relationships within the community that ultimately result in higher brand recognition, engagement, loyalty and enrollment.

Become a pillar of your community and school of choice with Educare Retain!

We help identify and expand your school’s role in the community so you can achieve sustainable enrollment and retention. Our goal is to help evoke a sequence of emotions and behaviors from that community that result in organic promotion of your school such as word of mouth, referrals and press coverage. As your school grows with the community and vice versa, so does the level of education and programs you can offer so that children can have access to the best education possible.

Educare Retain is committed to be your school’s marketing and communications department for all things enrollment and ultimate success of the school

Join forces with local nonprofit organizations and make a positive impact in your community. We contact local nonprofit organizations such as The Rotarians and The Lions Club to establish a partnership with your school in which you can help them expand their message, recruit and fundraise while also strengthening your school brand and image. For example, you can provide a space to host meetings and guest speakers. As you open your doors to support local nonprofit organizations you start to become recognized as a giving partner and can lead the way in creating a space where students can learn to support the community as well.

Educare Retain builds symbiotic relationships with local nonprofits to help you grow and make a positive impact. 

Create a partnership with local businesses and help them promote themselves and vice versa. Host business fairs, create apprentice programs, invite guest speakers and more so that students and their families can interact with businesses.

Educare Retain helps you contact businesses, find partners, create partnership programs and coordinate school resources to build a bridge for growth between business, families and students.

Optimize your communication and strengthen your relationship with your most powerful brand ambassadors, parents! We create different programs that spur parent engagement and active participation in the school and community. We promote Guest Speaker Activities, How To Sessions, and much, much more.

Educare Retain fosters community engagement and helps families stay involved and grow with the community.