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Educare Enrollment Free Pack

While it may not have all the advanced features of our paid version, our free enrollment software is an excellent option for smaller institutions or those just starting with online enrollment.

  • Enroll Students Online
  • Excel Spreadsheet
  • Email to School (1)

Educare Enrollment Starter Pack

Our Enrollment Starter Pack is a powerful tool designed to simplify the enrollment process for educational institutions. With features such as waitlist/lottery/closed grades management, an application database, and a student database, you can easily manage the enrollment process from start to finish.

  • Waitlist/Lottery
  • Closed Grades
  • Mgm Dashboard
  • Application Database
  • Student Database
  • Auto Countdown
  • Auto Reminder
  • Auto Notifications
  • Class Sizes 
  • Class Sections
  • Class No Show 

Educare Enrollment Premium Pack

The ultimate solution for educational institutions looking to streamline their enrollment process. Our software includes a parent portal and document upload functionality, making it easy for families to submit application materials and communicate with the school throughout the enrollment process.

  • All the Enrollment Starter Pack Features included

  • Lottery Reports and Parent Notifications

  • School Portal

Educare Enrollment Enterprise Pack

Educare Enrollment Enterprise Pack is a comprehensive enrollment solution designed to meet the needs of large educational institutions. Our software includes parent upload and document upload functionality, as well as Ed-Filters and workflows for special programs.

  • All the Enrollment Premium Pack Features Included

  • Filters and Workflows for Special Programs: (ESOL/ESL, McKinney Vento, 504 Plan, Exceptional Student Education)

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Educare Enrollment Free Pack

$ 0.00 /Month

Educare Enrollment Starter Pack

$ 600 /Month

Educare Enrollment Premium Pack

$ 1350 /Month

Educare Enrollment Enterprise Pack

$ 1850 /Month

Educare Add-ons

Enhance the functionality of your preferred enrollment software package with these amazing add-ons!

Educare Enrollment Free Pack Add-Ons

Customization Look and Feel

School Logo and Colors

$ 40 /Month

Multilingual Forms

Per language. English Included.

$ 60 /Month

Parent Confirmation

Email and SMS notifications

$ 60 /Month

Enrollment Status

Waitlist/Lottery/Open-Closed Grades

$ 60 /Month

Educare Enrollment Starter, Premium and Enterprise Pack Add-Ons

These add-ons are work with the Starter Pack Premium Pack and Enterprise Pack

Customize Communications

Letters to Parents and SMS

$ 40 /Month

Student Re-Confirmation

Electronic. Via Messages and SMS to Database

$ 40 /Month

Weighted Lottery

Reports and Parent Notifications included

$ 400 /Month

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