Engage, Enroll and Retain

students and families in your community

Let’s face it. Increasing student enrollment takes effort. Without a well planned enrollment strategy you’re probably losing out on potential students. Educare Solutions connects with families and increases student enrollment all year-round.

Attract parents and students to your school with Educare Engage. As the rate of growth of new schools continues to rise and parents have more options of where to send their children, it is crucial for schools to generate interest and trust in their education in order to thrive. By engaging families during, before, and after enrollment periods, Educare creates long lasting awareness and interest for your school that results in better enrollment.

Simplify, Streamline and Expedite the application process with Educare Enroll. Traditional enrollment processes are difficult to manage and extremely ineffective in acquiring students when compared to using technology for enrollment. Educare Enroll not only simplifies and speeds up the registration process, but it increases parent commitment which results in reduced application turnover. Our software provides multiple tools to help with enrollment and many of its features are unique and unmatched by any other enrollment software in the industry.

Expand business relationships and become a bridge for growth in the community. Create fundraising opportunities. Be recognized for excellence and exceed expectations. These are all great concepts and perceptions that help parents and students develop emotions of loyalty to your brand and school. Open the doors to being not only a business in your community but also an integral part of your community and its growth.

Case Studies

Case Study

Carbon Valley Academy

Case Study

Avant Garde Academy

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Mallard Creek STEM Academy

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Southwest Charlotte STEM Academy