Avant Garde Academy

A K-12 Charter School

Avant Garde Academy opened in the fall of 2015 with grades K-5 and became a comprehensive middle and high school, growing one grade per year. In the year 2020-2021, the school enrolled 933 students in grades 6-12. The student body is culturally diverse with a population composed of 53% Hispanic/Latino, 25% White, 17% Black, 2% Asian, and 2% Multi-racial or Other. Economically disadvantaged students represent 43.3% of the population. English Language Learners are 15.1% of the population. Students with disabilities are 9.8% of the population. English Language Proficiency students are 32.4% of the population. AGA graduated 98.1% of its first senior class in June 2020. The school today is a leader in the community and has over 2,200 students between Kindergarten and Grade 12.

Through the years, AGA has been working closely with Educare Solutions. It has since implemented its “Engage Service,” its Enrollment Software, and then its “Retain Program,” ensuring that the school keeps growing and fulfilling its role as a leader of its community. The incorporation of these services continues to facilitate the roles of administrators and registrars to manage the enrollment process and increase awareness of the school.

Over the years, AGA has developed many new industry-leading programs to ensure that it was offering unique value propositions to its increasing student population. Among the many new programs AGA increased its offering of, both sports and extracurricular opportunities are available for its existing students as well as incoming students.

Included in their offering are: Anime Club, Art Club, Book Club, Creative Writing Club, Student Council, Dance Club, Debate, Drone Club, Film, Key Club, LGBTQ+, Microcontroller Club, National Art Honor Society, National Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society, Rock & Roll Club, Student Council, and the Tri-M Music Honor Society.

And great athletics programs such as: Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Girls Flag Football, Track & Field, Cheerleading, Cross Country, and more.

During the last four years, Educare Solutions has replaced the enrollment system initially used by the school to improve parent communications, initiate a smoother flow of documentation and include better reports on enrollment status for the board of directors. Educare Solutions has also helped the front desk handle large call volumes by implementing and managing a chat system for the school’s website as well as implementing campaigns and strategies that have turned AGA into a great school.

Educare Solutions is an enrollment company that specializes in promoting charter schools to their communities for the purpose of increasing enrollment, awareness, interest, and desire for the school’s value propositions to its target audience. It uses various traditional and digital platforms and promotions to ensure reduced churn, effective parent communication, and maximum enrollment. 

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